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The Lost Child At Barrington

14th March 1880. Tragedy struck one Sunday morning when Isabella, daughter of Mrs Harriet von Bibra, disappeared from outside her home in Lower Barrington. A massive search continued for days with constables and volunteers from surrounding districts.

Even a £30 reward posted by her uncle failed to turn up anything. Well over a year later, after a bush fire had gone through the area, Isabella's remains, complete with her hat were discovered by a local farmer. One explanation for her death was snake bite.
Painted in 2009 by: Ron Hutchison
Location: Barrington Hall, Barrington
Size: 4.9m x 2.75m
© Barrington Hall Committee


The Wilmot Bakery

This mural shows an incident in 1868 when Mr Mitchell and his friend had been celebrating and the dough had over-flowed.

This quaint mural can be found on the wall of the original Wilmot Bakery, built in 1893.

Painted in 1993 by: John Lendis
Location: Cradle Mountain Road, Wilmot
Size: 2.4m x 2.4m
© Sheffield Inc